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Death with a smile...

For the past month, I have been scanning my IG with disgust, watching local leaders take selfies while handing out Styrofoam containers with fried chicken, macaroni, and cheese to their predominantly Black constituents.

This is their COVID-19 community outreach? Now I do not hate people nor want them to starve, but let’s be honest, VERY few Americans are truly in danger of it. They would have to go without food for at least two weeks to know what hunger really is.

I actually fast quarterly for 10 days just to reset my system and remind myself of how lucky I am to live in a first-world nation. If you want to try it, it is called the Master Cleanse. In fact, my mom, sister, and several friends have been doing it since high school and many celebrities do it too.

As for the Styrofoam, I don’t know what is worse. That they are passing out hypertension to the most unhealthy community in America, or are handing it to them in chemical packaging. “Hi, here are two. You’re welcome and please re-elect me please—because I care.”

What is the world coming to? It’s disgusting on soooo... many levels, particularly since you have countless leaders speaking about the exponential impact COVID-19 is having on the Black community. I think the elderly are really out of touch and this is a bipartisan issue because most of the people offering handouts are, Democrats serving a Republican product with a smile.

Ever since I was a child, my mother told me I had a morbid sense of humor. I loved Korn in High school and saw Friday the 13th at a sleepover party with my big sister at the age of three and could not stop talking about it or contain my excitement. That is how I learned the word “morbid” at three years old. It’s what my mother called me and when I asked what it meant, she made me look it up in the children’s dictionary in my library. Thanks, Freddy!

So the next quarterly report is what Mother Nature might have put on her vision board for 2020.

Note: these are not my thoughts; they are clearly Mother Nature’s.

Mother Nature’s Revenge Visions Board 2020 Q1

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deved cooper
deved cooper
12 de jul.

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