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Sustainability in Miami Series: Part 1, The Underline

In our latest initiative, we wanted to highlight the sustainability efforts of Miami and the community leaders helping move this forward. At EcoTech Visions, we are focused on creating jobs, sustaining communities and preserving the planet. There are other amazing businesses in Miami that have similar missions and if we all work together, we can become a model for sustainability not only in Miami, but around the world.

Meg Daly, the founder of the Underline, sat with us to talk about her vision. Miami is one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians and Florida is the most dangerous state to bicycle. To combat this, Daly is creating the Underline, a 10 mile linear park similar to the Highline in New York City. The park transforms underutilized land beneath the Metrorail and will create acres of green space and urban trails.

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