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Sustainability in Miami Series: Part 2, Brickell City Centre

In Part 2 of our Sustainability in Miami series, we highlight Brickell City Center. In this series, we highlight the sustainability efforts of Miami and the community leaders helping move this forward. At EcoTech Visions, we are focused on creating jobs, sustaining communities and preserving the planet. There are other amazing businesses in Miami that have similar missions and if we all work together, we can become a model for sustainability not only in Miami, but around the world.

We interviewed Steve Owens, the President of Swire Properties, and the developer for Brickell City Centre. Swire Properties is one of the developers that truly make environmental sustainability and energy efficiency a focus on their projects. One example is the Climate Ribbon they installed at Brickell City Centre. This is a 1,000 ft steel canopy designed to take Miami’s breezes and channel them throughout the outdoor mall to cool shoppers. It will also provide natural lighting, shade and collect rain water to be used for plant irrigation and more. In addition to the functionality of the climate ribbon, it’s a unique art sculpture.

Sustainable design marries beauty and functionality so that we may preserve the planet. Making environmentally friendly choices in businesses impacts our economies, natural environment and more. We applaud leaders like Owens who make the commitment to sustainability.

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