Three Ways Going Green Saves You Money

There’s a myth that shopping local, eating organic or going green costs more money. The reality is incorporating these habits actually saves money over time. Here are three ways that going green can help you save some green!

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle paper, plastics, and metals. There are specific dump days and equipment drop points for computers and electronics

  2. Set computers to sleep after 5 minutes

  3. Hang small signs on or near light switches to prompt staff to turn off lights when rooms or areas are not in use.

  4. Set thermostats to 74-75 degrees and get a timer thermostat to set it to run only during office hours

  5. Set all printers to default to print double side.

  6. Set log ins for staff printers and give awards to those who print the least

  7. Draw the shades in the summer or purchase UV tint for windows in order to decrease AC usage

  8. Collect rain water to use to water yours plant

  9. Grow an herb garden: consider growing a vertical farm which is self-watering and would be beautiful décor for any kitchen. Aquaponics systems are also nice and you           can grow fish and fauna at the same time.

  10. Check out YGrene and PACE programs for Tax credits given for improving the efficiency of your home which can significantly offset the cost of upgrades. Similar programs are available throughout the U.S.

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