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World Class

Co-Manufacturer for Eco-Products 

Smart Manufacturing

We co-manufacture eco-friendly products and materials for your end customer needs

Eco-Friendly Products

We Help you design and package your eco-product from concept to distribution

AI Driven 


Use our A.I. Driven Technology scale efforts to leverage our on-demand and fulfillment platform.

Smart Resilient Communities

We help metropolitan cities and suburban communities become smarter and resilient through public-private partnerships. We provide tech-enabled solutions for circular economy initiatives. Partner with us to become greener and cleaner!


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Marcus Moon

Great ecosystem and space for entrepreneurs looking for the resources and connections to kick start and develop there future business plans and ideas, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and truly has a passion for developing their members.

Collaborating at Work

Meet great people, Go to new networking TECH events, Forge everlasting friendships, Learn to CODE, Create something from scratch, Accomplish a goal, Present your work, and Congratulations, Graduation. My 8 weeks as a Digital Citizen.

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What's not to love?! A coworking and manufacturing space that helps our planet! The people who work there are pretty amazing too...

Our Partners


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